Why Shift

After much thought and consideration, you’ve decided to sell your house. Now comes the hard part: listing your home, dealing with multiple open houses, demands from potential buyers, repairs, and more headaches. All of which can be taxing both mentally and financially. Instead, there is a much simpler and less time consuming way: sell your home to Shift.  Shift strives to make the process as painless as possible. Best part of all, there is no obligation to sell. Simply fill out the form here to find out how much you can sell your home for today, in cash, as-is. No repairs. No realtors. No headaches.

Reasons to Sell to Shift Investments:

  1. You will avoid fees and commission costs
  2. You will not be required to make a single repair. We buy houses in as-is condition
  3. You won’t be forced to leave your home on the weekends and have tons of strangers walking through your personal property
  4. You won’t have to keep paying for a property that you no longer want or need
  5. You will not have to wait 30 – 60 days for the sale to close – I can close in as little as 7 days
  6. You have zero responsibility for any paperwork relating to the transaction
  7. You will have a firm, cash offer within 24 hours

Selling your house to Shift will allow you to focus on things more important to you and free up your valuable time. I use cash in order to close on houses as quickly as possible and to meet your needs. Finally, because I buy with cash, I’m not constrained by waiting for loan approvals from large, national banks. At the end of the day, this allows me to move faster than almost anyone else. If you want to sell your house  – fill out the form below or give me a call at (510)343-9199.

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