How to Sell Estate Property

After inheriting a house many things may be going through your mind: how to deal with the loss of a loved one, where do I turn for help and for some, it’s how to sell the estate property. If you are anything like us, you probably had no idea what probate was until your first encounter as an administrator or executor of an estate. There is good news though: we are here to help and walk you through some of the steps required during the probate or inheritance process.

What is Probate?

First things first, what is probate? Basically, probate is the process of opening a court case to help determine if the will is valid, pay off all financial responsibilities of the deceased and transfer property to the heirs. During the probate process, the executor or administrator will be appointed to handle all of these matters, all under court supervision. This is a timely, involved and sometimes expensive process and can take up to a year to be fully resolved. A best case scenario usually takes about six months. In addition, most people hire a lawyer to deal with these complex financial and legal matters bringing about thousands of dollars in lawyer fees – lawyers in California charge a percentage based upon the assets of the estate.

Other Options Besides Probate

If someone holds their house as a joint tenancy, community property (husband & wife) with right of survivorship or in a living trust, the probate process can be circumvented. This does two main things. One, it keeps all of your personal details out of the public information record. Two, it results in a much more time and money efficient way to sell and transfer the deceased’s belongings.

How We Can Help

If you are looking how to sell estate property, give us a call so we can explain to you in depth how we assist and make this burden lighter for you. We can recommend you to trusted lawyers or in certain cases help you fill out the paperwork and navigate the court process while saving thousands of dollars in lawyer fees. In addition, we will make you an offer to buy your inherited house to ease your stresses and help put any outstanding financial matters to bed. Furthermore, unlike listing with a real estate agent, we will not encourage you to update or repair the house nor we will charge you a fee or a commission for any of our services. We are here to help people in our community! Give us a call at (510)343-9199 or email us at We will thoroughly explain all the details of the process and give you recommendations of what your best course of action would be. As always, there is no cost or commitment when you talk with us.

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