How to Sell a House Fast

Here at Shift Investments, we get asked a lot about how to a sell a house fast. And we love hearing this question. It’s our specialty. It’s how we help people out. There are certain circumstances in life where people have to sell their house, and they need to do it yesterday. That is where we come in. Selling your house fast isn’t too different than selling it slowly, but everyone needs to be on the same page so there are no hiccups, slowdowns or “gotchas”. Here is how to sell a house fast in a few easy steps:

  1. Figure out how much you owe on the house. Gather up all your loan documents, property tax statements, etc. so you know how much you still owe on your house.
  2. Figure out how much you want for your house. Don’t just go to Zillow, type in your address and get your asking price from their value. Instead, take an objective look at the houses in your neighborhood, find how much they are selling for and if your house is better or worse than theirs. Using all this information will help you get to a reasonable asking price.
  3. Call, email or search for cash buyers in your area. People that can close quickly (and usually with cash) advertise their services in a wide variety of places. Personally, I’d recommend starting here, but I’m definitely biased.
  4. Set up a time for a walkthrough of your house. Be available to answer questions about the roof, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems, neighbors and other details about your house. If you have any previous receipts or work orders, you can show those to verify the specific dates the service was performed.
  5. Negotiate. You are either going to love or hate the offers you are presented with. If you love one, that’s GREAT, proceed on to step 6. If you didn’t like the offer, negotiate with the prospective buyer or move on to someone else. It’s extremely important to be realistic during the process and not get caught up in emotions. If you need to sell your house fast, you might have to do so at a lower price than you originally thought. Don’t waste weeks or months soliciting more offers because you want $5,000 more for your place. Remember, time is money.
  6. Prepare to close. Whomever you are working with will set up the closing with a local title company. At this point your job is to make sure everything happens smoothly. This mainly means to provide any documentation or answer any questions as thoroughly and quickly as possible.
  7. Receive cash for your house. Go to the title company on the date of closing, sign the paperwork and walk away with a check from the equity in your house.

After reading these simple steps, you should realize that selling your house fast is not very different than selling your house through traditional means; however, you do get to save a substantial amount of money on closing costs, commissions and other associated fees! In addition, instead of interviewing agents, holding multiple open houses and waiting months for your proceeds check, this can all happen in as little as seven days. If you’ve been asking yourself or others, “How to Sell a House Fast“, give us a call or fill out our form to get started. As always, there is no cost or obligation for calling or emailing – we are here to help you.

More Resources:

Here are some great resources to help you sell your house fast:

  • Zillow – Can give you a general idea of your house’s value. Caution: Zillow values can be 15-20% off in either direction.
  • Redfin – Can show you recently sold houses and houses for sell in your neighborhood.
  • Short Youtube Video