Brandon Foken



I moved to the West Coast from the Midwest to start college at the University of Oregon in 2007.  While in college, I developed an interest in real estate and worked while still in college for a couple of local real estate investors mainly helping them find new properties and sending out marketing materials.

After graduating, I started a career in the mortgage industry, at the height of and then during the subsequent crash of the real estate market. At this time, I then switched roles and went to work for an enterprise data storage company in their sales department – earning several awards and promotions along the way. However, the lure of real estate was never far away and this led me to make the permanent switch back into the real estate industry in late 2012. My lengthy experience in the corporate world gave me a lot of skills that I use everyday in my own business, namely negotiations, contract review and, most importantly, the importance of treating everyone with respect and following through on what I said I would do. Honesty, integrity and trust and paramount to me and my business.

In addition to real estate, I enjoy skiing, football, cooking, photography and backpacking. Oh, and of course, hanging out with my beautiful fiancee. Give me a call to talk about your current situation and to see how I may be able to help you.